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  • BLDC Motor Highly Energy Efficient (BLDC Motor)
  • 5 years warranty 5 Years Warranty#
  • remote Remote Controlled
  • fun colors 10+ colours

Who we are

Bright Day Resources has been appointed as the sole distributor of Superfan models in Malaysia. All Superfan models are manufactured by Versa Drives Private Limited, Coimbatore, India. We are the duly authorized distributors to market their products in Malaysia and South East Asia. The manufacturer have undertaken extensive R & D to develop ceiling fans to safe on energy consumption.

Save Money with Super Energy Efficient DC Ceiling Fan

  • Runs 29 hours

    Per Unit

  • Maximum savings

    on electricity bills*

  • Only 35W

    Power Consumption^

Why is Superfan the best ceiling fan online in Malaysia?

We are introducing to the market a new model Superfan X1 DC ceiling fan a 5 Star Energy Saver which comes with a remote control. This Superfan X1 model has gone through extensive testing by SIRIM and international testing body on the performance and safety. The manufacturer has patented the product and only Bright Day Resources has the exclusive rights to distribute and sale of this Superfan brands.

Why choose Superfan?

energy saving

Energy saving

Our super energy efficient ceiling fans saves more than 56% on your electricity bill

stable operation

Stable operation

Superfan's high speed does NOT fluctuate even if voltage fluctuates

zero heat

Zero heat generated

Our BLDC motor ceiling fans do not generate heat like other regular fans.

high air delivery

Superior air delivery

Superfan’s greater air delivery keeps you comfortable even in hot and humid conditions.



Eco-friendliness is a way of life at Superfan and we employ eco-conscious manufacturing processes, materials and packaging.

no rust

No rust formation

Superfans are made of high quality aluminum body and blades that does not rust and lasts longer.

What is inside Superfan?

what is inside superfan

1BLDC Motor

Our patent-pending design of the Brush-Less DC (BLDC) motor in the Superfan overcomes the deficiencies of regular (AC induction motor) ceiling fans such as over-heating, speed fluctuation, lack of remote control and inefficiency.

2Digital Electronics & Software

All BLDC motors require digital electronics to work. Our patented electronic circuit with innovative software capitalizes on the inherent advantages of BLDC motor to achieve maximum efficiency with no compromise in air delivery.

3High Quality Motor Covers

The motor covers and blades are made of high-quality die-cast aluminum body. The covers and blades are protected and beautified by greener choice of powder coating to reduce harmful by-products.

4IR Sensor

The use of digital electronics enables the Superfan to use remote control feature seamlessly. The drop-safe remote adds easy control to special features.

5 LED Indicator

The LED in the IR remote sensor acts as an indicator for the commands from the remote.

fun colors

Wide range of colours and designs to choose

Superfan decorates your spaces through a wide range of colours and designs


Remote operated for your convenience

Ceiling fans with remote help you to control your comfort from your couch.

Best Ceiling Fan Models by Superfan

Creative models with a blend of performance, comfort and style

Super X1

Super X1

Petal shaped blades effective in work and personal spaces

View Model

Awards & Certifications

Global LEAP Award

Global LEAP Award

Excellence in Design Award

Excellence in Design Award

International Design Award

International Design Award

India Design Mark

India Design Mark

Global LEAP Award

Global LEAP Award

Excellence in Design Award

Excellence in Design Award

International Design Award

International Design Award

India Design Mark

India Design Mark

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^The values are under standard test conditions. The tolerances of the same comply with the BEE ceiling fan standard IS374:2019.
*An estimated comparison with regular fans (75+W) based on operation at highest speed for 16 hours per day usage.
#The warranty is on the motor only and 5-years is subject to registration of the product with the manufacturer